Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire

After launching eReader devices Amazon decided to add more features to these technologies and introduced the new product – Kindle Fire tablet. You can browse the internet, download various applications, enjoy playing games and listening to music. The dual-core built in processor will make your applications function perfectly.

As we mentioned above, this tablet initially was intended to be eReader as its predecessors, so there are several features that can’t be found in this device, but are common for other tablet devices. As we have told you in previous reviews almost every tablet has two cameras, or at least one, but the Kindle Fire doesn’t have even one. So you won’t be able to take photos or enjoy video chat with this device. Other features that aren’t included in this tablet are GPS and accelerometer. Though, on the other hand, the Kindle Fire supports music player and the battery life is impressive too – it lasts for eight hours per single charge.

Hardware features make this device a reasonable competitor for other tablets on the market. As most tablets do, the Kindle Fire has dual core 1 GHz processor. The offered RAM is 512 MB and the internal storage that the Kindle Fire has equals 8 GB. The bad thing is that the device doesn’t have the slot to use additional storage space, though you can use the free service offered by Amazon – “Amazon Cloud”.

Now let’s discuss the display. Of course it is a touchscreen display, though little bit small – 7 inches. You may think that this is smaller than other tablets offer, but the quality is perfect and it offers brilliant images. There are two reasons for this perfect quality – the high resolution 1024 x 600 and 16 million offered colors. The Kindle Fire will never irritate your eyes and you can do your favorite activity as much as you which – read books, watch videos or just browse the internet.

The Kindle Fire is perfectly compact and portable, so you can carry it wherever you wish. You can use it even with one hand, so with the other hand you can navigate or just turn the pages of the book on your device. The tablet is so thin that you can carry it with any purse or briefcase. You will not have to worry that something will happen with the display of your device – for example; don’t worry about scratches any more. Amazon used the material for the display that is 30 times harder than the general plastic.


As we already discussed Kindle Fire doesn’t offer some features that other tablets do, but however you will be pleased with some perfect functions such as music and video streaming directly from the internet, downloading and reading your favorite books anytime and anywhere you wish. If you are going to buy this tablet don’t forget that you will not be able to have video chats and you won’t be able to capture the videos, or photos, as this tablet doesn’t have built in camera.

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